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Let's face it... Whether you are a successful businessman, a pragmatic executive, a casual surfer, maybe researching, selling or gaming online everyone is on the look out for the next big idea...and we think we have just that!

The big idea

We are not the new Google or Yahoo. Not even a search engine. In fact, why search? if it is to get hundreds of millions of results!

Get straight to what you want : the best in the world!


Well, in everyday life, you always have an address to go to. This might be your office, your
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favourite restaurant, your super-market or your shopping centre. Can you imagine our world without addresses?

So, how do you search for the best products/services in the world?

Well, how about using your address bar above!

Here is how it works

Go to your address bar. Just type thebest****, replacing **** with any product/service you want, on the address bar above! Do you want the best coffee in the world? You want to know which is the best car in the world?

Go on… give it a go. Just beware, it might be addictive!

Alternatively, simply type in the word in the box below, and click 'GO', to find the best of what you are looking for. It's as easy as that!!